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Everyone grown up with several toys. Every aged people likes toys. We can’t think our childhood and grown up era without toys. We are selling unique toys, stress reliever grown up toys and adorable gifts. Toys can diminishing our work loads and stress. In first world industries, business center and offices having some stress reducing toys for their employee’s pressure relief and mind diverting. Those things can help us in focusing and work load balancing in our work place. Also it’s good for psychology and physiology. Work life balance now a days important phenomena of our daily life. We have seen some grown up toys and games in fewer Bangladeshi big companies and corporate houses. Creative arena mostly placing stress relieving toys in their compound. Bangladeshi mobile operator’s offices, few channels, big corporate houses set up entertaining toys as mini golf, mini soccer play, table tennis, carom in office area for their employees. We offer a great variety of unique stress reducing toys and exotic showpieces. Our products are stress relieving squishy, Fidget Cube, Cat Spoon, Sleeping Cat, and Dogs, Slime, Wireless Earphones, Anti Dust Plug & Mask, Hat Umbrella, Purse, Cat Spoon, Scrubber, Lock, Cover, LED Digital Clock, Derma Roller, etc.

Small Soft Silicone Squishy

Colorful Soft silicone cats squishy, manufactured in China, silicone material, soft toys size 5 cm, attachable in mobile back cover. This products widely used as stress reducing toys. Most popular stress relief toys. 30+ animal shape designs available in our store.

Doughnut Squishy

Small and big size doughnuts available in pink, blue, green and yellow colors. Sizes 6 cm to 12 cm, round shape doughnuts. Some doughnuts have sprinkles and smell like real doughnuts. Keyring available with slow rising doughnut squishy.

Sleeping Cat

Those toys look like a real cat or kitten. This is handmade simulation toys, manufactured in China, size 19-20 cm, different colors of cats available. Popular as decorative toy and pet lovers can give those sleeping cats to their pets for playing. While pressing cat’s belly, the cat is shouting. Having cat’s sound in the toys featuring small device inside the cat’s body.

Basket Cat

Basket Cat with sound, products manufactured in China, Different color/designs available in our store. Basket Size 15cm. Decorative toys, sound button below in cat’s body. Most of people decorates their cars with basket cat or hanging in home.

Sleeping Dog

Five colors/design simulation toy as sleeping dogs available in stock, products manufactured in China, Dogs are attaching with a bed, cute puppy barking when pressing the body. Handmade, plastic and fur mixed, not enough soft like plush toys, Size 20 cm (Approx.)

Magic Ring

Magic Flow Ring interactive toys and also known as stress reducer for grown-ups, moving nicely in hands, different shape, material steel, manufactured in China. Decorative, tactile, pun and interactive toys.

Fidget Cube

Stress Reducing Fidget Cube, manufactured in China, material plastic. Let’s Spin, Roll, Breathe, Glide, Flip and Click with the cube. Colorful cubes available in our stock. Good for anxiety and pressure relieve.

Caomaru Face Squishy

Caomaru Brown Squishy manufactured in China invented in Japan as stress-reducing toys. This soft human face shape squishy made by silicon material, too much soft and facial expressions are funny, too soft to press and grad. Two colors Caomaru squishy available cream and grey faces.

Decorative LED Butterfly

Different colors of LED Butterfly available, multiple colors available so selling randomly. Glue in the backside of the butterfly and easy to stick/attach in-wall, freeze, plastic, and furniture. Having on-off switch and Manufactured in China.


Different colors of stress-reducing slime available in a box. Manufactured in China. Multicolor Slime in the round shape box. Widely kids playing with slime. Different colors of liquid slime in one box.

Chicken Squishy with Keyring

Chicken Squishy with Keyring, Too soft to press, while pressing in the belly egg comes out, Size 9*6 cm, Manufactured in China. Yellow Color chicken with yolk. Best stress relieving toys.

Solar Mason Jar String Light

Solar Mason Jar String Light for house or room decoration, 10 LED lights in the string with a rechargeable battery, a solar panel in the top of jar cap. Two colors of lights available White cool and warm yellow light. Mind diverting grown up toys for adults also its charming shine can enhance your lovely sweet moments.

Cat Spoon

Different colors cat shape stainless steel spoon available in our store. Manufactured in China, quality products with adorable looks. Pet’s lover specially cat lovers like this shape.

Big Size Stress Relieving Squeezable Squishy

We are selling different colors and shape of big size stress relieving slow rising squishy in our store as Giant panda, panda face squishy, couple panda, cake squishy, star fish squishy, peanut squishy, doughnut squishy, carrot squishy, banana squishy, strawberry squishy, bull Dog face squishy, tooth squishy etc. All squeezers can decrease our stress psychologically, quality products and imported from China, having beautiful fragrance.

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